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Branding for Start Ups

Babatunde Campaign Image

Branding and forming a brand identity is extremely important for entrepreneurs and start ups. Branding is not only about convincing your target market to choose your product or service rather than your competitors. It’s also about encouraging your potential customers to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need. In essence, branding is a problem-solver and customer relationship builder.  

A strong brand identity will clearly deliver your brand’s message and confirm the brand’s credibility in the marketplace. Successful branding also creates an emotional connection between the target market and the product or service. These factors should motivate customers to buy the brand and also promote loyalty towards the brand after the purchase is made.

Brand identity is everything that clients can see. In order to build a strong brand identity it important to be consistent and authentic in everything that is shared with customers. A brand’s logo is the first part of being recognised. Although logos are often seen as the most important part of branding, there are other factors that make brand identity effective. Slogans or ‘straplines’ express a brand’s values and what they stand for. Brand personality are the human characteristics which can be found in a brand or branding campaigns. This helps with customers relating to the brand . It is vital for brands to have a consistent tone of voice. This refers to the writing brands display in their campaigns or on social media. All of these help to create an emotional connection with the customer. Experiences are also key for brand identity as they provide an opportunity to engage with customers in a sensory manner other than social media and visuals.

The HugBuddy logo

The branding strategy for the HugBuddy project was to ensure that the logo, communication and imagery used for the product, echoed the accessory and it’s features. The first step was to design the logo. Due to the calming and comforting nature of the product it made sense to work with soft and gentle tones . Hence the use of pastel tones of pink, lylic, yellow and blue. Similarly, the font chosen is easy to read and displays a simplicity which depicts the product and brand identity in a cohesive manner. An important factor in designing the logo was that it did not seem targeted towards a particular age group. There was careful attention to ensure the branding did not seem directed towards children but was seen as a product and brand that is attractive for all age groups. Although we were happy with our logo and could see it fitting well onto our future packaging and campaigns, we did not have time to get any packaging samples made up in time for before the completion of the project. Branding was definitely one of my strengths for my business, Babatunde. Due to me past work for magazines and on advertising campaigns as a stylist, I had a fairly good understanding of the branding and it’s importance. It was rewarding to see customer’s responses to the branding. Loyalty and continued engagement was something the brand made me proud of.   


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I am a South African from Jo'burg. I love football, music (mainly from the Caribbean) and design. I am currently studying a Masters of Managing in the Creative Economy at Kingston University in London.

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