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Note to Future Self

Having run my own business, Babatunde, for the past nine years, I was really excited to get started with the Design Thinking for Start-ups module. Running my own business has been an experience with many ups and downs. I had no formal business training previously, and I’d run my business more or less on instinct.Continue reading “Note to Future Self”


Bright Ideas Competition

Design thinking for startup’s module required our group team to enter the bright ideas competition. This competition is for young entrepreneurs or people with start up ideas and offers some great cash prizes. After entering the competition, we were invited to attend the Sprint weekend. This weekend was a workshop to help us develop ourContinue reading “Bright Ideas Competition”

Branding for Start Ups

Branding and forming a brand identity is extremely important for entrepreneurs and start ups. Branding is not only about convincing your target market to choose your product or service rather than your competitors. It’s also about encouraging your potential customers to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.Continue reading “Branding for Start Ups”

The Customer Journey

One of my key learnings of the Design Thinking for Start Ups module has been the understanding potential customer’s needs and aspirations in order to discover gaps in the market or how products or services can be improved. Later in the module I was taught about the customer journey. The complete sum of experiences thatContinue reading “The Customer Journey”

Reflective Personal Development Journal

Before I started my Management in the Creative Economy MA at Kingston University, I assumed most of the course would be about business theory and practices. I was interested in developing my business skills as I felt they needed improvement. I was surprised that there was a large emphasis on our personal and professional developmentContinue reading “Reflective Personal Development Journal”

Soft Skills

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable us to interact effectively and co-operatively with other people. They are usually self-developed, meaning no training is needed to build them. However, they can be learnt and advanced. Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence and personality traits that make itContinue reading “Soft Skills”

Effective Communication

Communication is a two way process where a message is sent by the sender with the intention that the message should be interpreted in the same terms by the recipient. However this is not always the case, this is an ideal. Communication is often disrupted by distractions which surround us and our own poor listeningContinue reading “Effective Communication”

Non-Verbal Communication

A common assumption about communication is that it only involves talking, however a great deal of human interaction and communication is actually conducted through other means, such as smell and body language. As part of our Experiencing the Creative Economy module we focused particularly on non-verbal communication. Non verbal communication is the use of facialContinue reading “Non-Verbal Communication”